For the English speaking painters...

I do not teach on a daily base any more.  I have done it for many years and prefer to give only seminars now and concentrate on creating and writting.

People interested in my seminars can contact me.  I travel around in other people's workshops and depending on the techniques and number of firings needed, we (the organizer and I) decide on the needed working days which can lead to a two, three or for days seminars.

To learn and to share: these are my two main principles.

 Porcelain painting is a craft that has been forgotten by the public for years. Fortunately, more and more people are now interested in this art and are trying to revive this traditional craft, which is a cultural treasure of Europe since the beginning of the eighteen-century.

 The pleasure to teach also comes from the pleasure to discover new talents, new techniques and new creative ideas. For me teaching porcelain painting should rest on the respect of each individual character.  The trainees shall freely develop their own skills at their own pace thanks to the learning of the various techniques of porcelain painting.

Target is that each trainee develops his own creativity and applies it to the rewarding art of porcelain painting.

The role of the teacher is also the role of a coach helping the trainee in his/her work. I am convinced that the quality of the work done by the students relies heavily on the quality of the teaching. To achieve this I do not hesitate to divulge specific hints that many others would keep secret.

Teaching is to share his/her knowledge without limits and with no fear of seeing the student becoming better than the teacher! My highest reward is to have helped the student during his/her progress.

Trainees’ motivations do vary and the key is to understand and respect them. Some consider porcelain painting like a hobby, just for the pleasure, others go further and invest in an oven or kiln. For a few, it is even a professional choice.  All receive the same careful and adapted teaching.

Rendering porcelain painting lively and accessible to all is my goal. It is an art that can bring joy, serenity; a feeling of self-accomplishment and it is a real source mental balance.